Glass Plus was originally established in 1963 under the name of Est. Youssef Abdel Mawla for Trade and Industry, Glass and Mirrors; Named after its original founder, Youssef Abdel Mawla.

What was once a glass workshop primarily associated with the manufacturing of glass and mirrors in their basic forms is now a one stop shop that delivers a wide array of glass products in addition to aluminum works and profiles, stainless steel accessories, and handmade stained glass murals.


With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of various industrial and artistic glass materials, Glass Plus prides itself on being a pioneer as well as a major player in the Lebanese and regional Glass Industry.

Glass Plus initially began business at its original facility located in the heart of Beirut City - Basta Tahta/ Bashoura Area, Ahmad Fares Chidiac St., Fawaz Bldg. Ground Floor – in 1963. To accommodate its ever growing business, scale of projects and technological advancements within the industry, Glass Plus acquired and developed a new facility in 2002 located in Choueifat Industrial City - Industrial Area, Oumara St. Glass Plus – Est. Youssef Abdel Mawla Facility.

Glass Plus currently employees a team of carefully selected Architects, Interior Architects, Glass Technicians, and Aluminum Technicians who are both experts in their craft and enthusiastically committed to the advancement of Glass Plus. The above mentioned “Alpha Team” is also supported by a group of experienced Supervisors and Foremen who also enjoy vast experience in directing and completing on-site and in-facility projects.

Integrity, quality, customer satisfaction, and safety were, and remain, the main drivers behind our company’s success and growth. We believe that committing to our values guides us forward to achieve our objectives and continue to expand our project portfolio, market share, product offerings, and catered services.





The Abdel Mawla family established its first workshop in Beirut’s Central District. Type of work Handcraft bevelling and edging glass Old hand made mirrors


In an attempt to increase production, the Abdel Mawla family moved its operations to a new facility located in Bashoura, Beirut Central District.


The establishment was officially registered as Est. Youssef Abdel Mawla – For Trading and Industry/ Glass and Mirrors. It was named after its founder.


New Machinery imported from Italy Series of Z.Bavelloni machinery including bevelling edging straight and curves ,sand blasting ...


Est. Youssef Abdel Mawla incorporated a new partnership “Abdel Mawla Group” responsible for managing its overseas projects, imports, and its procuration of various international Glass labels. Est. Youssef Abdel Mawla introduced Stained glass works to its wide production line.


Est. Youssef Abdel Mawla expanded its activities to include contracting, project management, architectural consulting and interior design.